1. Adam and the Ayre Force release poster for Comic-Con New York

Hailing from Upstate New York’s Catskill Mountains - the famed "Borscht Belt" - Adam grew up at the Nevele Resort & Country Club, the hotel his family owned and operated from 1901 to 1996. Think Dirty Dancing, just twenty years later.

Inspired by Hunter S. Thompson's "gonzo journalism," Adam's unusual skill set combined with adrenaline junkie tendencies enabled him to kick off his literary career penning high octane participatory articles for hip men’s lifestyle publications. Before long, when editors had a wild story idea that could get a journalist maimed or killed, Adam was the go-to guy. Somehow he always came back, alive and intact—with the story!

These participatory adventures resulted in Adam being shot, stabbed, tazed, stun-gunned, maced, sapped, brass knuckled, pepper-sprayed, arm-barred, knee-barred, wedgied, nuggied, full-nelsoned, bitch-slapped, choked out, knocked out, body-slammed, roundhouse-kicked, and water-boarded long before "enhanced interrogation" was a household term.

Adam has dived for pirate treasure in the Caribbean, dug for ancient artifacts in Europe, hunted for poachers guided by mercenaries in Africa, played poker with cartel kingpins in Juarez, thrown dice with Mafia enforcers in Brooklyn, scouted for UFOs in the Sonora Desert, raced in both the Baja 1000 and in a variation of the highly illegal, cross-country road race, The Gumball Rally, swam with great white sharks sans cage, jumped out of a plane sans parachute, cave-dived sans sanity and
courtesy of a secondary degree in Cryptozoology, taken part in Sasquatch safaris and other “crypto-quests” around the world.